Dead Rising 2: How to kill a Zombie

15 fun and efficient ways to deal with the pests....

Let's face facts, while the story Dead Rising 2 tells is purely fiction at the moment, it's an inevitable reality. Some day the world will be overrun by deceptively dangerous and highly amusing Zombies.

When it happens most of us won't be able to enjoy it because we'll be, well, dead. However, those lucky enough to be in a shopping mall or Vegas are in a perfect position to get maximum fun out of the situation. Dead Rising 2 is perfect practice for such an occasion so for you few we present a handy guide on how to kill a zombie - enjoy.


Burn Them
With...The flamethrower: Strap a petrol can to a water gun and you'll be able to fry entire groups of zombies. And when they touch their pals, the blaze will spread.

Laser them
With...The laser sword: Combine some jewels with a torch and you'll get this lightsa...er, laser swrd. Effortlessly cuts through zombie limbs with a single swipe.

Tenderise them
With...The tenderisers: Stick some nails to a pair of MMA fighting gloves for some sharp combos. Hit attack three times and Chuck will finish with a mighty kick.

Shock them
With...The electric rake: Send a deadly current through a simple leaf rake with a car battery. Hit a zombie and the volts will send him flying backwards.

Shoot them
With...The shotgun: The simple boomstick has always been the zombie-wasting firearm of choice, from Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead to Tim in Spaced.

Drill them
With...The bucket drill: Not the most elegant of weapons, but certainly effective. Stick it on a zombie's head and the drills will burrow into his festering skull.


Run them over
With...The wheelchair tank: Take a wheelchair, attach some assault rifles - bam! You've got a makeshift tank to run over zombies as you fill them with lead.

Bowl them over
With...The tesla ball: This electrified sphere can be thrown. It'll knock zombies over, as well as exploding with arcs of dangerous electricity.

Freeze them
With...Snowball cannon: Stick a fire extinguisher to a child's water gun an you'll have created your own portable freeze gun. Chill, then shatter with a kick.

Rock them
With...The power guitar: Chuck customises an axe with some amplifier components, letting him pop zombie heads by playing riffs. Hold down square for a face melting solo.

Vacuum them
With...Power exsanguinator: A fancy name for what is essentially a vacuum cleaner with sawblades attached. Suck zombies up with it and it'll turn them into bloody mulch.

Saw them
With...The chainsaw bike: Chuck can modify his bike with various items, most amusing of which is the chainsaw. Powerslide through zombies and cut to size.


Blow them up
With...Firework launcher: This is Dead Rising 2's answer to a bazooka, but far more entertaining. Feed enemies fireworks and watch them explode in fountains of colour.

Drain them
With...The shower head: Jam a shower head into a zombie's brain and their innards will spew from the nozzle disgustingly. Impractical, sadistic, but unarguably fun.

Confuse them
With...The fountain lizard: You can stick all kinds of objects on zombies' heads to confuse them, but this is our favourite: a pink dragon head with fireworks in its mouth.

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