Nintendo 3DS release date - November 20th?

Has accessories firm let cat out the bag?

Could a third-party accessories maker have let slip the Japan release date of Nintendo 3DS?

According to the eagle-eyed types at Nintendo Everything, a Tweet from a Keys Factory employee has hinted that the rather wonderful handheld console will be launched in the territory on November 20.


The site reports that Key Factory is a company well-known for making different Nintendo accessories - including add-ons for the DSi LL.

A designer from the firm reportedly Tweeted:

"On November 20th, the 11 goods I designed for use with the 3DS will go on sale simultaneously. Those of you buying the 3DS, please buy them while you're at it! This will be officially announced on the homepage eventually, lol. Best regards."

Nintendo has only confirmed that the handheld will be released before March 31, 2011 - when its fiscal year comes to a close.

It is expected to announce an official 3DS release date later this month.

[ SOURCE: Nintendo Everything ]