Team Ico Collection box art revealed

Another retailer listing crops up with a pack shot

It's getting realer by the day. The Ico / Shadow of the Colossus Collection for PS3 has popped up on another retailer website donning a nifty box art image.

The game recently cropped up on WalMart's site, reigniting speculation that the much-requested package was on its way to PS3 in numerous follow-up reports.

Now Swedish retailer Webhallen has slapped the still unannounced game on its site with a genuine-looking cover image and everything, which is about all the proof we need that this is happening.

Again, the site pins the game for an April launch, so there's consistency there too.

The box art doesn't give away any unexpected features, showing only that the pack will include Team Ico's two PS2 classics both "remastered in high definition".

Just so you know, Shadow of the Colossus in HD is all kinds of win.

[ SOURCE: Webhallen ]