New Xbox shooter drives women crazy with lust

Gal Gun is a Japanese oddity - with 'pheromone shots'

Remember the Xbox 360 shooter Microsoft said it was going to announce at TGS - and then scrambled to cover up? Its publisher, Alchemist, has lifted the lid - and it's a crazy Japanese oddity.

How crazy? Well, for one, it's made by Mega Man Zero maker Inti Creates. Verdict: Crazy good.


Secondly, you play as an apprentice angel who is accidentally shot you with Cupid's Arrow - turning you into a stud for a day. This immediately renders women desperately lustful in your presence. A bit like Old Spice.

Before the magic wears off, you have to confess your love for your dream girl. Verdict: Crazy, erm, crazy.

Where's the shooting? As Andriasang puts it, you'll be 'blasting away at little anime chicks who come at you spilling hearts and shouting out things like "I love you!".

Normal, yeah? Not bonkers enough for you?

'[Hero] Tenzou has his sights set on a particular girl, one of the game's four heroines. You'll have to make sure the other girls don't get in the way, by keeping them at bay with your "Pheromone Shot."'

We're not sure we want to know what that is.

Check out the video below and the screens around here. You'll not be surprised to hear that there are currently no mention of a European/US release.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]