What do YOU make of Capcom's new Dante?

Is Devil May Cry's legacy tarnished - or reborn?

If you're a Devil May Cry fan, you've probably seen the all-new, 'reborn' DMC from Ninja Theory.

Which means you've also seen him. Dante Mk.2. The boy.


He's certainly a bit skinnier than we remember him - and far more Twilight, if you see where we're coming from.

You know what we're saying - a little bit too Western, a little bit too sensitive and, most jarringly, a little bit too Emo. All side swept hair and 'mum creased my 30 Seconds To Mars poster' scowl.

Even putting shallow lifestyle categorisation to one side, he's still just a bit too fresh-faced for us. A teenage Dante. We're not even sure the words look right.

All that being true, we're not saying we couldn't warm to him. We dig his bruises and some-prick-stole-my-ciggy-for-this-mugshot attitude. We could get used to that.

And he can definitely still kick some arse.

It's easy to hate anything different. Cool Runnings taught us as much. Admit it - like us, you'd have felt underwhelmed should Ninja Theory have served up classic Devil May Cry with nothing but a superficial makeover.


Like its new protagonist, the studio's made a energised, ambitious, hungry move by pressing the 'reset' button - and should be applauded for its bravery. We don't doubt the Heavenly Sword and Enslaved creator can carry it off.

But we can't be sure we can say the same for Dante. He hasn't even got silver hair(!).

What do you make of it him, readers? Wunderkind or wonder-why-they-bothered?