Sony fire first salvo for Golden Joysticks

Community advocates sought, as voting heats up

With just five weeks to go until voting ends, competition in this year's 28th Annual Golden Joystick awards is really heating up, as all the top titles compete for the most prestigious prizes in gaming.

Sony have fired an opening salvo this afternoon with a call on EU for community advocates to champion their games across all Joystick categories in which they are nominated.


So if you fancy going into bat for titles like Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain and God of War III, head on over to the EU PlayStation site right now to sign up and declare your love for all things Sony as a PlayStation Community advocate.

But don't forget to head on over to the Golden Joystick site itself first to cast your votes.

With new categories like Action, Racing and Shooter of the Year rather than the old style platform categories, many PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo games are going head-to-head for the very first time in the Joysticks this year, so there's going to be both stiff competition and probably tears before bedtime in virtually every category.

The only question now is how the other platform holders respond to this cunning Sony initiative.

Microsoft and Nintendo, ball's in your court.