Creator hints Bayonetta 2

Hideki Kamiya "believes" series will return

Hideki Kamiya, designer of Capcom's Okami and Sega's Bayonetta, has teased a sequel.

Although neither Sega nor Platinum games has confirmed the existence of Bayonetta 2, Kamiya is seemingly optimistic about another featuring his buxom beauty.


When asked by a fan on Twitter if there will there be a follow-up, he replied "I believe so" and followed up another question with, "she'll be back if you believe so."

Before leaving Capcom, Kamiya created Devil May Cry. Kamiya has responded to Ninja Theory's new look Dante and isn't impressed at all.

The next game to come from the Platinum Games and Sega partnership is Shinji Mikami's Vanquish. Read our gameplay preview for more on that.

[ SOURCE: Twitter (Hideki Kamiya) ]