Epic Mickey platforming 'stands up to Mario'

Producer says Mickey pays homage to gaming greats

Warren Spector recently said that Disney Epic Mickey takes inspiration from the likes of Nintendo greats such as Mario and Zelda, which are pretty hard acts to follow.

However, when asked whether Mickey's latest adventure manages to stand up to the little plumber in terms of its platforming levels, producer Raul Ramirez responded positively.

"I think it does a really good job, it does stand up to those," he told CVG.

"There are some levels that require a little bit more skill. Having to use Mickey Mouse's spin move while using double jump to get to the harder to reach areas, as well as simply providing platforms to transverse up and down in-between the worlds."


But Ramirez was keen to point out that Epic Mickey's platform interludes were more about paying homage to great Disney moments and Nintendo's finest rather than competition.

"The classic cartoons are what we're trying to reference and the classic platformers as well," he said.

"Its just providing a different kind of play-style for the player that enjoys that kind of thing. We're not trying to be like this or be like that. We are our own."

Epic Mickey will be arriving on the Wii on November 26 the UK.

We'll be posting the full transcript of our chat with Epic Mickey producer Raul Ramirez soon.