PlayStation Move: Does it Move YOU?

Debate: Does Sony's motion controller please or disappoint?

PlayStation Move rolled into town on Friday and is currently sitting in homes up and down the country, waiting to be swung about.

You've heard what we think, now we want your opinion. Is the PlayStation Move going to change the way you game, or is it just Wii Motion Plus in disguise?

You know the drill, let's sit down, talk it out and determine once and for all whether Move is the real deal or just a ball on a stick.

You might have been a fan from the off or you might have been pushed over the edge by a enticingly cheap deal from Tesco. Either way if you made a move for Move we want to know your thoughts.


We've already established where we stand on the tech, and the flow of PlayStation Move review scores has more or less dried up now, so it's time you gave us the definitive verdict.

If you didn't go in for Sony's motion control we want to know why not.

Maybe you subscribe to the Alan Greenberg school of thought that a lot of Move titles are just old games with motion upgrades.

If that's your persuasion, what's it going to take for you to go in for Move in the future?

Go nuts. Tell us what you think in the comments.