Samus Aran strips for cash - Video

LA 'Ladies of Sci-Fi Burlesque' show does Metroid - NSFW!

This is what we did that degree for; a Los Angeles-based burlesque troupe has thrown a 'Ladies of Sci-Fi' show in La-La land, which inevitably means a stripper dressed as a video game character has turned up on the internet.

The show - documented below - featured Pris from Blade Runner, Ripley from Alien and, oh yes, a classy bird dressed as Samus Aran.

Sure, as soon as she takes the helmet off she's just another stripper - but we doubt her audience is really going to be looking at her face.

It goes without saying that some of the footage and images below are not safe for work. Unless you've got a REALLY COOL BOSS.

For those of you who like to take nerd to new levels, feel free to discuss the quality of the suit as well. After all, man cannot live on boobs alone.

Oh, and if you want pics, they're through the classy link below.

[ SOURCE: LA Weekly ]