We've earned a shot at Need for Speed - Criterion dev

Senior producer Matt Webster credits Burnout and 'pushing boundaries'

Burnout developer Criterion has had to earn the right to take on Need for Speed, according to senior producer Matt Webster.

In an interview with CVG, Webster said that the success of Burnout and a certain degree of timing opened up the opportunity:

"If you deliver a high-quality product that's critically well received and commercially well-received then you're going to win the ability to call your own shots."


"Certainly I think another reason why we say the timing was right because we delivered Burnout Paradise and we pushed the boundaries in particular areas - the timing was right."

"I think they thought we would never ask for the opportunity to do Need for Speed, but we did."

Webster pointed out that more daring projects come after the success of blockbuster hits in all kinds of media.

"I think it's the same thing with movies. Chris Nolan did Inception because he made millions of dollars for Warners," he said.

"You do earn your right for people to be comfortable with you doing Need for Speed, which like I say is the world's largest, most successful driving franchise."

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