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FIFA 11 for £25 at UK supermarkets

The price wars begin

The FIFA 11 price wars have begun - as UK supermarkets battle it out with offers and undercuts.


As you can see from the ad we snapped this morning, Sainsbury's will gladly hand you the game for £24.97 when you spend £30 elsewhere in store.

Elsewhere, Tesco is selling the game for £25 when you buy any other top 10 PS3 or 360 title - and Morrison's will relinquish the game for £27.99 when bought with any other chart game.

Asda have put the lowest price-tag on the title, kind of, at 97p... if you trade in Dead Rising 2, F1 2010 or Halo Reach. Interesting to note Asda stepping up its pre-owned game, there.

All in all, you have a fair few choice of offers when buying the game, but if you're looking for a straight game/sterling swap, we've rounded-up a load of FIFA 11 prices for your perusal.

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