Beyond Good & Evil HD hitting PSN, XBLA

Ubisoft to release hi-def update next year

Ubisoft is set to release a HD update of cult classic action adventure game, Beyond Good & Evil, it's announced.


The Xbox Live Arcade and PSN update is planned for release next year with 1080p visuals, improved character models and textures, plus a remastered soundtrack.

Naturally, the 2011 version will also include Achievements/trophies and online leaderboards, reports IGN.

The HD update comes in preparation for the long, long missing in action sequel, which despite having disappeared since its 2008 announcement is promised to still be in development.

It's far from the first time Ubisoft's assured fans the game's still in the works - we just hope it's worth the wait. BG&E HD will at least provide a stopgap.