Dead Space 2 multiplayer gameplay videos IN

See awesome footage of EA's controversial multiplayer mode

The first gameplay footage has emerged showing Dead Space 2's controversial multiplayer mode - and EA, all is forgiven.

The game's producer Scott Probst, explains: "Dead Space 2 will feature four-versus-four gameplay with an objective based multiplayer, across five unique locations throughout the Sprawl.

"Not only will players have the chance to play as the Sprawl Security Team, but they will have a chance to see the other side of the coin and play as the evil Necromorph forces. Players will be able to play as four different Necromorph characters, each with its own unique gameplay style: The Pack, The Lurker, The Spitter, and the newly famous Puker."

It looks awesome. Read the first part of this week's Dead Space 2 interview for more details.