EA snubs Xbox with new FIFA ads

Mainstream promotion only carries PlayStation branding

EA has skipped any mention of Xbox 360 in its latest run of mainstream UK FIFA 11 advertising.

The new print ads, appearing in men's lifestyle magazines and national newspapers today, only mentions the PS3, PSP and PS2 versions of the game. PC, Xbox 360 and Nintendo formats don't get a look in.

The ads carry the slogan of this year's game - 'We Are 11' - as well as the 10/10 review score from Official PlayStation Magazine.

The news follows Activision's recent print run of Call Of Duty: Black Ops ads - which failed to contain any hint that a PS3 version of the game is on the way.


Although not uncommon practice - EA also ran PlayStation-branded ads for Need For Speed and FIFA last year - the exclusive mention of Sony consoles hints at a cosying up between the FIFA brand and the platform holder.

Meanwhile, a burgeoning relationship between Microsoft and Call Of Duty also seems on the cards - following an announcement of timed 360-exclusive DLC at E3 in June.

An online FIFA 11 ad appearing on major mainstream sites (see pic, right) - also ignores Xbox 360.

However, EA's UK TV ad for FIFA 11 does mention Microsoft's console, as well as the Wii, DS and PC versions of the game - although its real life stars are all playing the game on... PS3.