EA thanks FIFA 11 fans for record-breaking success

"They are part of our victory"

EA has thanked fans of FIFA 11 for playing an integral role in the record-breaking success of the game.

According to GfK-ChartTrack figures, the title sold 821,000 units in its first weekend on sale in the UK - the territory's third-biggest game launch of all time.

The football game has also clocked up some stunning reviews - not least CVG's own 9.7/10 write-up.


"This is without question our best FIFA yet - the reviews have been nothing short of outstanding," EA's UK and Ireland marketing director Stuart Lang told CVG. "But this is not just our victory - FIFA 11 is the culmination of incredible long term vision, hard work and dedication from the Vancouver team who set their sights on taking back the football crown and making FIFA the best football video game in the world.

"They couldn't have done that without the help of a vast army of gamers who regularly offered feedback and comments, either at beta, demo or finished product stages. Those fans are very much part of our victory too."

Improvements to this year's iteration of FIFA include a new Personality Plus feature, which gives individual players real-life attributes - and an overhauled manager Career Mode.

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Lang added: "We now have the best football game in the world but our sights remain set on continual improvement, and on staying ahead of the game to ensure we deliver the essential interactive football product and service that every football fan wants to participate in.

"We'd love to bring all football fans into the franchise. That's our goal. So we're focusing huge resource on this - improving the game, customer service, online infrastructure, post-release content and more.

"we're also changing the focus of our marketing communications - last week's launch was just the start. We have even more focus post-launch, supporting the game through Christmas and throughout the football season to reach out to every fan of football."