Activision replacing faulty Guitar Hero discs

Unreadable Warriors of Rock discs hit a sour note with gamers

Activision has said it will replace faulty Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock discs after some defective copies of the game slipped into the retail channel.

As reported by Destructoid, the dodgy discs randomly become unreadable, which isn't fun when you're midway through nailing a lengthy solo.


"Activision recently learned that some consumers may be experiencing a disc reading issue with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock," the company's US arm said in a statement. "We are taking immediate action to research this issue including testing discs.

"Naturally, Activision will honor its warranty and offer existing customers free replacement discs in exchange for any purchased defective disc. Activision is fully committed to satisfying every Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock fan so they can enjoy a great gaming experience."

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[ SOURCE: Destructoid ]