Dead Rising shuffles onto iPhone

Capcom planning an iPhone invasion

Capcom has revealed it is planning to release an iPhone Dead Rising game in time for Christmas this year.

Dead Rising on the iPhone will be based on the first game, originally released around the launch of the Xbox 360.

Players will once again take control of Frank West and attempt to survive the Williamette Mall zombie outbreak using anything and everything they can get your hands on.

Capcom has emphasised the fact that the game has been built specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch (iPhone 3G isn't supported). The game will feature touch controls as well as a new story.


Dead Rising on the iPhone will also make use of social networks to make death far less punishing. Players will be able to post a rescue request on Facebook or Twitter and respondents will receive a password to input into their app. Doing so will allow the wounded to respawn without sacrificing PP.

However, if left for dead for too long players will turn into zombies and appear in other peoples games.

Capcom recently released Dead Rising 2 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Check out our full review here.