Platinum Games working on secret multiplayer project

Atsushi Inaba hints at new title

Platinum Games designer and producer, Atsushi Inaba, has revealed the studio is currently working on an unannounced multiplayer game.

Traditionally the studio has produced third-person character action games such as MadWorld, Bayonetta and most recently Vanquish.


In an interview with NowGamer Inaba was asked whether there was a particular reason multiplayer has been omitted from previous titles, he responded defiantly, announcing that the studio was working on a secret multiplayer game.

"We haven't officially announced it yet, but we have a big multiplayer title that we're working on right now." said Inaba.

He went on to say Platinum Games is currently working on a number of different projects internally.

"There are many different projects running internally, but please look out for the announcement." is offering free copies of Bayonetta with pre-orders of Platinum Games' latest, Vanquish. Seriously - this isn't a scam.

[ SOURCE: NowGamer ]