Dead Rising 2 DLC revealed

Sports, Ninjas, Psycopaths and Soldiers of Fortune

Capcom has revealed the first batch of upcoming DLC for its zombie survival game Dead Rising 2.

The theme packs will contain new skills, weapons and a new outfit for Chuck to wear while creatively dispatching zombies.

The Psychopath theme pack gives Chuck a crazy butcher outfit and makes him stronger and deadlier with classic horror movie weapons such as the chainsaws, cleavers, axes and machetes. The Psychopath theme is scheduled for release on October 12.

The Soldier of Fortune theme allows players to dress Chuck up as an action hero complete with Rambo style face paint. The pack also increases his proficiency with all firearms. It's due out on October 19.


The Sports Fan pack, out on October 26, lets players dress Chuck up like the ultimate sports fan. It also makes Chuck deadlier with sports themed weapons and allows him to drink as much as he wants without getting sick - handy.

Finally, for the deadly assassins out there, is the Ninja theme pack. The pack allows Chuck to dress up like a Ninja, making him virtually undetectable and even more deadly with swords and thrown weapons. This pack will be available from November 2.

Capcom just has announced Frank West will return in Dead Rising for the iPhone.

[ SOURCE: PlayStation Blog ]