Online Pass 'hasn't harmed pre-owned market'

GAME says second-hand sales are still strong

Pre-owned charges such as EA's Online Pass haven't harmed the second-hand market, according to retailer GAME.

Certain publishers have chosen to lock online features behind a single-use code which stops second-hand players from accessing them without buying an additional code.

But GAME's CEO Ian Shepherd has said that these kind of measures haven't seen a decline in activity in the pre-owned market.

"Certainly, publishers are using content to extend the life of games to extend the reasons to keep them - that's a good thing, as it's good for us and we'll sell more of the games," he told MCV.


"But these 'second user charges' haven't diminished interest in pre-owned games," he added. "We've not seen the changes in the commercial nature of how some games have launched make any impact on the trade-in category. It's still a strong part of our business."

A couple of days ago HMV's CEO Simon Fox aired his disagreement on the tactics some publishers were taking in an attempt to crush the pre-owned market, calling them "odd".

But if the 'war on pre-owned' hasn't affected second-hand sales, does that mean we're all happy to pay for these one-time passes?

Let us know where you stand.