PES 2011 review scores rounded up

Update: Polarised reviews trickle in

The world's PES 2011 review write-ups are starting to dry up now - as the game hits shelves at midnight. It's had something of a varied reception.

We heaped praise on Konami for a daring new system, which may seem frustrating and tough as old football boots at first but is ultimately really rewarding.

We still had to put it a little way off FIFA 11 though, since the match day experience and overall feeling of authenticity of PES still isn't quite consistent.

Our friends over at PSM3 were more appreciative, feeling that Pro Evo is deserving of a very impressive 89 percent.

Our comrades at Edge, however, aren't anywhere near as tolerant giving PES a damning 6/10. Ouch.


Edge says that "for all this year's genuinely forward thinking changes, Konami's annual football update is still playing the same old game".

Back on the up again and IGN gives PES 2011 a 9/10 saying the gameplay is "Instant, intuitive, and almost as satisfying to play against the AI as a human opponent. A long overdue return to form."

Total Video Games, Gamespot and TheSixthAxis all felt PES was well deserving of 80 percent.

Elsewhere, Eurogamer Italy awarded Konami 90/100 but Eurogamer UK gave PES 2011 a 7/10.

See what we mean when we say "varied"...