3DS 'the first 3D device sold in significant volume'

And this has movie producers keen on making deals

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has said the Nintendo 3DS will "probably be the first 3D device to be sold in a significant volume in the mass market", and such a fact has grabbed the attention of movie producers.

"When we launch Nintendo 3DS, it will probably be the first 3D device to be sold in a significant volume in the mass market. An increasing number of people will see business opportunities by looking at Nintendo 3DS from that perspective. Nintendo does not have any intention to exclude such possibilities if they come to us with their proposals."

Nintendo Japan has already signed deals with Nippon Television and Fuji Television to distribute video media in the region. And more deals of that kind could come from movie producers.

"As for movies, some of the Hollywood movie production companies showcased their movie trailers at E3 this year when we made the relevant announcements. Because movie producers appear to be interested in Nintendo 3DS, we may be able to construct some relationship between 3D movies and Nintendo 3DS but, again, I cannot make any announcements today," said Iwata.

Nintendo recently announced the 3DS will be out in Japan on January 26, and other regions in March next year.

[ SOURCE: Nintendo ]