Assassin's Creed 3 could work in WW2 - Ubi

"We could have an Assassin's there," says producer

Assassin's Creed 3 set during World War II could work, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood producer and occasional CVG drinking partner, Vincent Pontbriand has told GamesMaster mag.

Pontbriand told GM this month: "We have a couple of options [for AC3]. So far we've tried to take eras that had very important things happen in them that are known worldwide. So WW2 for example - we could have an Assassin's there. It would work.


"So you can draw a list of major events in history during the last 5,000 years and those could be our choices!"

It's the second time Ubisoft's mentioned WWII as a possible AC3 setting, with fellow producer Sébastien Puel revealing last year that Ubisoft's discussed the idea.

Puel also told our colleagues at XBW that a female protagonist could work for the setting.

He said: "We've had discussions on that very topic. It could be really interesting but we'd need to find the right time period and place for that.

"We don't want to just decide we want to change and have a female hero as the first inspiration is always the time period, but if you're talking about, say, World War II the economies in England and France were run by women because the men were off fighting.

"So maybe in this context you were a woman in England during WWII. Why not? Nothing prevents us from doing it."

We've got a big Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood blowout hitting your monitors in the next week. Stay tuned.

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