The 10 best PS3 special editions

From arcade sticks to batarangs...

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Assassin's Creed 2 Black Edition
The Misspelled One
Contains: 20cm statue of Ezio in black
assassin garb, three unlockable in-game
quests, art book, game soundtrack.
Verdict: The Ezio figure is exceptionally detailed and a tasteful addition to any gamer's desk. The art book, however, is absolutely ridden with daft typos. A shame, because the rest of the package is quality.


Resident Evil 5 Collector's Edition
The Hit-And-Miss One
Contains: Chris Redfield figurine, Tricell messenger bag, BSAA patch, Kijuju pendant, bonus disc.
Verdict: Not bad, this one. You'll probably never wear the necklace thingy, but the bag is solid 'stealth' merchandise, being game-related but ambiguous enough to use outdoors without (much) recrimination.


Far Cry 2 Collector's Edition
The One Made of Wood
Contains: Wooden box, T-shirt, art book, 50km game map, making-of DVD.
Verdict: The game map can be referenced more easily within the actual game, but using the paper one makes you feel a bit like a real explorer. The t-shirt is fashion suicide, and we assume the box only comes pre-scorched to save you some time next bonfire night.


Infamous Special Edition
The Thrifty One
Contains: Comic book, art book, two special in-game powers, postcards.
Verdict: This fancy digi-pak box comes with a comic book that fills in some of the game's plot details. There's also a code to unlock two exclusive powers. Not the most useful, but the packaging is super nice.

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