Modern Warfare 2 - still a 10/10 game?

OXM issues a fierce defence of its score one year on

OXM UK has issued a stern defence of its score for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - maintaining it is still a 10/10 title.


The site's Ryan King - who gave the game a top score in his review last year - argues that respect for Modern Warfare 2 has 'lost out to mob mentality'.

"Its sequel status, Activision's reputation and No Russian made it an easy target and that detracts from how fun it is to play through," he writes.

"Modern Warfare 2 was apparently tolerable enough to be completed and for multiplayer to steal away hours and sometimes days of playing time, yet bad enough that it sucked. It doesn't make sense.

"But then it's not supposed to. The Modern Warfare 2 hate campaign was never based on logic. It was an unfortunate rallying point for the internet boo boys and that is arguably how it will be remembered from now on - as a disappointment and for No Russian."

Modern Warfare 2 is definitely a game that evokes strong opinions -but do you agree that it remains, or ever was, a 10/10?