Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: In-Depth Q&A

Ubisoft talks us through the new feature announcements...

We went to Rome to play Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Read what we thought of our extensive hands-on time in our AC: Brotherhood preview.

Ubisoft also released an in-depth Q&A with producer and occasional CVG drinking partner, Vincent Pontbriand. Ahead of our own army of interviews, here's what Pontbriand had to say about Brotherhood's roster of new features...

Will Ezio journey to locations other than Rome?

Ezio will indeed visit other locations; one of them is Spain where he must track his nemesis, Cesare, through the battlefield of the Battle of Viana. Cesare is trying to conquer Viana by commandeering the king of Navarre's, his brother-in-law, vast army. Players will have to make their way through the warzone, ride a horse while witnessing the magnificent landscape of this Spanish town and fight Cesare during the siege of the Viana Castle.


How come Desmond and his assassin's allies ends up in Monteriggioni at the beginning of the game

The setting in the present sequence of Assassin's Creed is in Italy but never clearly mentioned in the previous games. At the beginning of the game, Desmond emerges from the Animus. Lucy and Rebecca explain that they are searching Desmond's genetic memories for Ezio's Piece of Eden. Minerva changed it somehow and they believe it is the key to finding the lost Temples she spoke of, problem is, Ezio's memories of where he left it are locked away and memories-within-memories are stopping them from accessing the location. This is when Desmond and friends arrive at the rundown and derelict Auditore Villa.

At some point, Ezio sees a projection of Desmond, can you elaborate?

Due to the secondary effects of being in the animus for a lengthy period of time, Desmond will see projections of Ezio and other past events and characters that happened in Monteriggioni. These visions might be useful after all...!

Will we get to play with Desmond more in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood?

Definitely! At the beginning of the game, Desmond arrives at Monteriggioni with Lucy, Shaun and Rebecca. They need to set up their hideout underground under the villa Auditore because the Templars are searching for the assassins and are analyzing the environment using cell phone towers. Desmond and Lucy have to go through an underground tunnel to open an entrance to the underground Sanctuary...

In Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Ezio's quest starts right off from the end of Assassin's Creed 2, what can you tell us more about that?


The game starts off at the Vatican vault. Ezio has just finished speaking with Minerva. He escapes the Vatican with Mario and travels back to the Villa. Once there, he explains to the Assassins what happened. Machiavelli feels Ezio made a mistake by keeping Rodrigo alive. Furious, he leaves for Rome. Shortly afterwards, the villa falls under attack. Ezio protects the Villa and its citizens with cannons on the gates as Borgia soldiers attack. The town crumbles. Suddenly, Ezio sees Mario stagger in through the main gate. Cesare Borgia appears behind him beside his loyal followers: Lucrezia Borgia, Juan Borgia, Micheletto and Octavien, the Baron of Valois. Cesare takes the Apple from Mario, and shoots Mario dead. As Ezio rushes to prevent Cesare's final death blow to Mario, he himself is shot in the back. He collapses.

Who are the sons of Romulus and what is their involvement in the game?

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