Are there too many zombies in games?

Debate: Are zombies game-changers or brainless gimmicks?

Is there anyone alive out there?

If you've been keeping your finger on the video game pulse recently you'll have noticed a growing lack of hot-blooded bodies, as the common gun-touting NPC is slowly replaced with a staggering (and, erm, staggering) selection of brain-dead flesh-chewers.

The zombie fetish, of course, originally chomped down on the world of video games thanks to the likes of Resident Evil - a series which has managed to maintain the sport of zombie hunting for the best part of 14 years.

While real Resi fans will hark back to darker, scarier incarnations for their classic zombie fix, the undead managed to transcend genres and take a bite out of modern-day FPS gamers when zombies with a certain Nazi bent stumbled into Call of Duty.

Now with a zombie-themed DLC well on its way in Red Dead Redemption and a shock zombie twist for the Yakuza series, we're scratching our exposed skulls. Can another zombie fix really stand out from the horde?


There's no point denying it: The zombie concept isn't exactly what you'd call deep. Re-animated dead bodies slowly get all up in your space unless you remove their heads from their shoulders in a typically violent way.

Maybe they'll groan "Brains", maybe they'll walk with horizontal arms, but apart from some very limited superficial tinkering, there's not that much you can do with the formula.

It's been done time and time again across films, games and books for years. Surely there comes a point where we have to call time on entertaining the living dead.

Yet here we are and we have to admit that the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack is devilishly fun to play.

And we don't need to remind you how much of a spin Nazi Zombies put on FPS-heads - so much so that it's back by popular demand in Black Ops.

Sticking zombies in Yakuza: Of The End at first looked like another crowbarred effort get in on the cannibal cash cow but, yet again, our doubts have been allayed by an amazing Yakuza zombie trailer.

So, are zombies an inspired addition to any game or an insultingly obvious exploitation?

Will there come a point where you banish the brain-munchers back down below or will you always welcome a wave of zombies with open arms?

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