GT5 gets awesome concept car by F1 designer

Highly respected F1 car designer crafts the X1 prototype for Polyphony

Check out that stunning machine pictured below. That's the X1 concept car, designed by one of the most respected designers in Formula 1.

Red Bull Racing's much-respected chief technical officer Adrian Newey was taken off the leash to design the car of dreams, which GT5 boss Kazunori Yamauchi and team would then bring to life in the (STILL delayed) PS3 sim.


In 30 years, Newey has designed race-winning Indycar and F1 machines, and his current designs are topping the standings in the 2010 F1 season. Dude's got stripes, basically.

"Every race conforms to some sort of regulation, and every racing car is built to fit within those various regulations," says Kazunori of the project. "However the X1 is something new, created from a 'what-if' dream. We want to inspire racing fans and the industry alike by exploring the realm of possibilities for the future of motorsports."

Newey says GT5 is the only way to realistically experience his dream ride. "We all have a dream about pushing the boundaries, where the performance of the car and the experience of the driver take precedence over the rules. Only with the technology of PlayStation3 and the virtual environment of Gran Turismo 5 could that dream become a reality that millions can explore," he said.

"This is the inspiration that brought Red Bull Racing and Polyphony together. And as a result the X1 Prototype is dynamite to drive."

F1 driver Sebastian Vettel has tried the new car, smashing the lap record on the Japanese Suzuka course by 20 seconds. So it's nippy then. Who knows when you'll be allowed to drive it though.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]