Shaun White Skateboarding: Moving in on Tony Hawk's territory?

The Flying Tomato takes on the Hawkman at his own game

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Not only does this defeat the point of using the balance board, it also makes the game more complicated, as you're constantly trying to remember which actions are performed with the controllers, and which are delegated to the enormous white welcome mat under your shoes.

The environments look pleasant enough (once they've been rejuvenated via the power of riding a slab of wood around, anyway) but they don't look or feel like real places; levels are little more than play areas featuring more half-pipes and handrails than even the Hawkman himself would know what to do with.

It's a huge step backwards from most recent skating games, which tend to take place in massive, open, populated cities.

The lack of pedestrians is remarked upon in a self-aware fashion by one of the characters, but that doesn't excuse the bizarre emptiness of the world.

There's always the chance that later environments are more alive, later challenges are deeper, and advanced moves are more difficult to pull off, but even if these miraculous things occur you'd still be left with a game that, from all we've witnessed during our couple of hours with it, feels more like a skating title from the late '90s.

Although our opinion is hardly set in stone, let's say that Shaun White shouldn't give up the day job - not that snowboarding is a proper job, anyway.

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