42 hot games only on PS3: 5 - 1

We countdown the best Sony exclusives over the next 12 months...

If you skipped part one and part two of our countdown you've missed out on a list of 37 of the hottest upcoming PS3 exclusives - so go back and have a quick look.

On the final part of our countdown we're going to crown our most anticipated PS3 exclusive - enjoy.

5. Infamous 2: The world's only electric postman returns with a brand-new postcode.


Cole MacGrath, the human equivalent of a Starbucks coffee cup and possibly the most urban man to ever exist, has found a better place to free-run.

The occasionally flooded New Marais - think New Orleans - is a far more organic, attractive and downright interesting place than the original's New York-alike.

Early gameplay suggests a greater flow to the lines Cole can take, a city more open to his unique electrical powers.

Pulses of power fire him up drainpipes, along cables and across building facades with frantic ease, while set-pieces are frequent and cheerfully over-the-top.

Cole thinks nothing of chasing a car that's under police escort and fighting a helicopter he's accidentally made angry. But will he ever deliver that parcel?

4. Resistance 3: Insomniac's stunning shooter heads from St Louis to New York, as the Chimera brings humanity to its knees.

The second game ends with Chimera infected hero Nathan Hale - boosted by an alien infection that increases his strength, but slowly erodes his humanity - killing Chimeran leader Daedalus, and planting a nuclear bomb on the alien fleet.


The celebration's dashed when Nathan Hale (yes, you) touches Daedalus, suffers a psychic shock and - so we're led to believe - turns into a Chimeran villain. So, er, where does that leave Resistance 3?

Easy. With you playing as Joseph Capelli, the last of the human, but alien powered, Sentinels, who keep their infection under control with inhibitors - and, as fate would have it, the feller who reluctantly puts a bullet in Hale's brain, presumably killing him, at the end of Resistance 2. "Forgive me Sir, It was an honour".

Confused? Basically, the game's set in an alternative post-WWII circa 1951, where humanity is overrun by mysterious Chimeran 'aliens', who may be of our own origin, or have existed on Earth for centuries before their awakening. Er, yes.

With America under Chimeran control, and 80 million humans dying at the end of Resistance 2, the third game's tone is bleak. It looks like Capelli is trying to round up 'resistance' members, driven underground, while heading to New York via train, boat and on foot.

Why? We're not sure, but we're guessing it's to a) Kill Hale (again) or b) Inject him with something to make him good again in time for Resistance 4.

Above all, we hope it's erased the linearity and dull set-pieces of the last game, so we can focus on the improved visuals, superb weapons and intriguing plot. It's in the balance, but this could yet turn into 2011's best shooter.

3. Ico: PS2 classic Ico returns - and with HD and 3D visuals, it's more breathtaking than ever.


A young boy - gangly frame, ethnic tunic, horns protruding from his head - clasps the hand of an angelic young girl, and they run through a gigantic, inhospitable fortress.

The boy lets go of her hand to investigate the path ahead and make it easier for the less nimble girl to progress. But as the boy's back is turned, a horde of shadowy demons materialise from a vortex in the ground and begin to drag the girl away. The boy attacks with a wooden stick and pulls her free.

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