CVG's Site Of The Week: PlayStation University

Our gaming faves across the web

Last week Citizen Game featured on these electronic pages as one of our favourite games websites on the net.

PS3Vault and TheSixthAxis have also been bestowed with CVG's Site Of The Week award, previously in the year.


This week we give a hearty applause to PlayStation University, a console specific site that promises "a healthy education of the PlayStation brand".

With its mix of news and opinions, a personal approach to its readers and a strong online community you'll arrive, unpack your bags and feel right at home in your new digs. You might even learn a thing or two as well.

We had a chat with PlayStation University founder David Wales to find out what's what.

What sets PlayStation University apart from other sites?

A) I'd like to think that PlayStation University takes a more personal approach to news updates, reviews, and editorials. Instead of just being a robotic website that reports the news in a bland, straight forward way; we tend to report it with our own opinions mixed in.

We also don't score our reviews and we take pride in being one of the very few sites who choose to do this. We'd much rather sell you on a game based on review content than the score attached to the review. Some like this, some don't, but I think it helps separate us from others.

We've always felt that this is the best way to allow our readers to get a better sense of who we are and give them the chance to "connect" to the writers on the website more than just through the articles on the screen.

We also offer a small tight-knit community of forum members that generally seem to get along and are always willing to accept new members into the fold.

What would you say you specialize in?

A) We definitely specialize in catering to the gaming fan that prefers the PlayStation brand above all else. While we do our best to cover multi-console gamers within our editorial pieces and we encourage discussion about other platforms on our forum, we're always going to be a PlayStation-first website.

We're well aware there are a plethora of other PlayStation websites on the internet, but I believe what we previously mentioned above helps set us apart from them and helps us offer something they're not.

What do you have planned for the future?

A) This is an absolutely loaded question. To be honest, we have a ton planned for the future at this point. As of December 1st, we'll be rolling out a complete redesign of the website and I can confirm right now that it is looking great! We're also going to be upgrading our forum software, as well as offering complete user integration within the front page and forum community.

We're also going to start offering a Weekly News show that can be viewed on our YouTube Channel, Viddler Channel, and front page that will recap that week's news and give our own spin on what we think about it. This will be a great addition to the website and it's something we're really excited about.

Furthermore, we'll also be branching out further beyond our brand in opening up Xbox Academy either on December 1st or to start off the New Year. We're still deciding on which date to go with, but it's definitely something we're in the mix about.