Kinect's secret accuracy weapon revealed

Smile, folks. It's the friendly Calibration Card!

Some have questioned how Kinect's RGB camera, depth sensor and microphone can be as accurate as Microsoft claims. But what many don't realise is that the device gets a helping hand - from a friendly face.


What you can see here is the Kinect Calibration Card. These tend to come enclosed in every piece of Kinect software - including Kinect Adventures, which is bundled with the peripheral.

If you feel your Kinect isn't reading your movements and your room as accurately as you'd like, this happy little fella can help you out.

Kinect asks you to bring him closer and further away from the camera, matching his face up to on-screen glasses as you go. These appear at different perspectives on screen.

By matching up his peepers to the virtual spectacles, Kinect can get a better idea of the length of your room, and your general surroundings. Clever, hey?

Kinect launches in the US on Thursday and in the UK on November 10.