Goldeneye 007 Wii reviews offer more praise

More high scores roll in for Activision's N64 remake

Reviews for Activision's GoldenEye 007 are rolling in and it looks to be doing the business, fans will be relieved to know.

Joystiq's awarded the game four stars out of five, saying that "it has a solid new story mode while really milking the nostalgia factor with its local multiplayer," although it notes: "The biggest pitfall with the game is in the occasionally cumbersome control system, but with so many options, players are bound to find one that suits them."

Meanwhile, 1Up's chimed in with a B+ rating in its letter-based scoring system. While the reviewer, clearly a fan of the original, praises the updating of the game's level design and AI, but says: "The truth is, GoldenEye for Wii isn't as good as the original ... That's not to say this new GoldenEye is a poor game; in fact, it's actually quite enjoyable."
They add: "If you're willing to strip away all the pretense, there's a fun, entertaining first-person shooter here. During a time when the genre has become so beholden to gritty depictions of war and hardcore space marines, it's pleasant to see a title that, like the best Bond films, doesn't take itself too seriously."

Still on the fence? These reviews might help you with that.