Saints Row 3 is 'outrageous, over the top'

Next instalment to keep the fun, has enhanced tech and feel, says THQ

Saints Row 3 is set to keep the series' trademark "outrageous and over the top fun", THQ's said.

Speaking during a conference call last night, CEO Brian Farrell told investors that developer Volition is enhancing the technology, look and feel of the game - and an "innovative" marketing campaign is being prepped to push it.


"We expect the next instalment of Saints Row to be a significant growth driver in fiscal 2012. We've completely enhanced the technology, look and feel of this multi-million unit franchise while keeping its outrageous and over the top fun," he said.

"We're developing an innovative marketing campaign including an extensive transmedia strategy for this title. We also plan to expand the Saints Row brand on Facebook, Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, in addition to providing premium online content."

The transmedia push of course includes XBLA and PSN title Saints Row: Drive By plus plans to release a Saints Row movie.

We still don't know much about the third instalment, though THQ core games boss Danny Bilson's talked it up, claiming it matches GTA IV graphically and generally looks mindblowing.

It's due out next Autumn.