Win! Massive Sony Bravia TV, PS3 and Vanquish

The perfect action package now the nights are drawing in...

Vanquish is Shinji Makami and Platinum Games' brand new masterpiece, featuring rip-roaring action, motion blur madness, killer robots, super-intense boss battles and you, starring as Sam Gideon, a DARPA special ops exo-skeleton wielding hero with jet-heeled boots!

How cool is that? So cool indeed it's positively frosty is your answer and so we've teamed up with publishers SEGA to offer you a chance to win a fantastic Vanquish package consisting of a saucy Sony - Bravia 37" inch LCD TV with full 1080p HD, a brand new PS3 Slim and a copy of the special holo Vanquish edition of the game.


It's an absolutely superb prize and just the thing to lighten up those long winter nights with some furious robot-battling eyeball melting Vanquish action.

So how can you win this stack of goodies? Easy just head on over to SEGA's brand new online Vanquish App, work your way through the options and then come straight back here.

Then just answer the following simple question and a select panel of CVG judges will choose the best answer as the winner of this prize and as a hint, funny, witty and amusing answers are more likely to impress our august panel!