CVG's Site Of The Week: SquareGo

Hats off to the best in online games media

Last week we gave a round of applause to PlayStation University.

This week we're shifting the spotlight onto SquareGo, a multi-platform video games site that manages to put out some great content despite being run on a voluntary basis.


Set up in 2008, SquareGo has a simple aim. In it's own words, it focuses on "succinct reviews, clear scores, tech free, intelligent and unbiased writing: Video games coverage for the rest of us"

We caught up with SquareGo's editor in chief Phil Harris to learn more:

What sets SquareGo apart from other sites?

The remit of the site is to try and make video games reviews accessible to everyone from your casual to hardcore gamer.

Part of this is through short punchy reviews which can be read in a couple of minutes, are jargon free and give clear reasons concerning the score.

We don't shy away from more general gaming topics though, identifying news stories we feel should be responded to and providing a clear opinion.

Examples of these would be our Killer Instinct, Death of a Salesman and Controversy articles, addressing the issues at hand in terms the general public can understand.

What would you say you specialise in?

We specialise in being open, accessible and entertaining: A coffee break read.

We readily accept criticism of articles and are happy to engage in debate with any reader who is not flaming.

We are happy to consider and game we are approached with, either found by the writers, directly from the developer or through publishers and PR companies.

We love the small independent developers and the team is always interested in reviewing them. Sometimes their games just don't cut the mustard, which is a shame, but we try and be objective in our criticism.

The gameplay here is the key. Beautiful graphics and sound mean nothing if the controls are poor. Hence we have covered gems like Flotilla, Faultline and Run, Jesus Run!

What do you have planned for the future?

I had three targets this year and I've achieved two of them, having over 15,000 people on the site in a rolling month and breaking the highest number of hits any previous editor in chief had managed. The final one is maintaining daily content, something I'm fairly sure we'll achieve.

I'd like more debate and comment on the site and we'll be looking at building our growing community.

As everyone at SquareGo works for free, with busy day jobs or college courses, running a forum or blog is not realistically possible and so we have to look at better ways to entice people in.

We're starting to develop more articles where all the staff input their thoughts. The first of these will be a set of articles about game weapons, which I initially thought would merely be a top ten but, through sheer variety of answers, has developed into a series of articles covering hand held, vehicle based and just plain odd. Hopefully that will generate more comment.

More time would be great but I'm still trying to develop that time machine out of Corn Flakes boxes, sticky-back plastic and silver foil. It doesn't seem to work yet. Shame!