CVG: Comments of the week

Not all of them, just the good stuff

Oh hello. Didn't see you come in.

We were busy putting together today's Comments of the week and its been an amusing seven days.

Did most of that amusement come from the vagina game story? Yes, but you already knew that.

There were more laughs to be had though all over the site courtesy to you lot, The CVG Mahoosive (we've got a handshake, now we need a motto).

Here come the words:

Epic Mickey will 'make you cry' - Spector

Unless the packaging is made of onions, I seriously doubt it.

Yeah it is Mark240473. What did you think he meant?

Gran Turismo 5 release date leaked?

Patience guys it's coming in 2018.

Confirmed by DaRockwilder1.

Vagina game expands with penis extension

*sigh* Here come the puns...

Yes jgminto! Here they come indeed! Let's go...

arghhh! my head! it's overloaded with jokes!

*brain explodes*

Get them out quicker next time
yourmumwasfun, safer for the Cranium.

I can't wait to get my hands round this...
Wait, what?

Too late PandyBear! You said it!

Do you play this separately or do you insert the penis content into the.... nevermind.

To be honest, you may as well finish cian84.

"Extension", "Firm", "Erupts" and "Leaked" Who's writing the Head-lines to todays news articles?

We are ted1138, we the writers of CVG.

No doubt it'll suck, or blow.

I'm ashamed of myself

All are welcome Legendeer, do not be ashamed child.

Will any comments that aren't horrible puns make it into the comments of the week section?

Yes Jimmer.

Just another thought, will I be able to use my dinghy peripheral for this?

Yes Jimmer.

Black Ops story secrets revealed, 'f*cks' and 'b*tches' aplenty

Curse words? Good Lord! There goes my monocle...

TheChap - Bwahaha. Monocle.

'Bobby Kotick: One of the world's most powerful men'

Rich yes, powerful? im not so sure, Hulk Hogun would rip him a new one!

He's a little bit slow with the movements now Barca Azul.

Kinect Sports launch trailer shows family fun

i find that if you pretend there's a man just off camera holding a gun forcing the family to play kinect the ads take on a much more sinister and enjoyable air.

The guy with a gun is of course interchangable with a tramp p**sing in the corner of the room and yelling obsenities

This is one of our favourite things to do
WHERESMYMONKEY, along with playing games and making sponge cake.