Miyamoto: Mario and Zelda games will be easier to play on 3DS

How console will change flagship titles

After Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that he would be making 2D and 3D Mario adventures for 3DS, Nintendo's number one developer told investors how the 3DS will make Mario and Zelda games easier to play.

"It's not the issue of which is more attractive because each one [2D and 3D] has its own appeal," said Miyamoto. "In the past 3D Mario games, and 3D Zelda games for that matter, if there were several floors at the same height, it was hard for the players to tell if each one of them was located with the same distance between them or if just one was further away and higher than the other floors.

"On Nintendo 3DS, you can readily understand the height and distance of the next floor in front of you. You can feel the difference by switching between the 2D and 3D modes. You might have had a hard time trying to jump on a stump or to hit a floating question-mark block in 3D Mario [games] until now, but you will be able to do so easily on Nintendo 3DS."


What other differences can we expect? "In addition, Mario and Link will both have more vivid presences," continued Miyamoto.

"When I make games, I take great care of such details as the body weights of the players' characters. When the character jumps, can the player feel the weight? When the character lands, does the land feel like it is acting as a cushion? How long should the character stand still in order for the player to feel the weight of the character's body? I think about a number of such details. By making 3D games on Nintendo 3DS, such minute details can be felt, and the players can feel as if the world exists."

As for the 2D Mario games, Miyamoto said that players would notice differences in the background visuals. "Talking about 2D games on Nintendo 3DS, those who have played 2D Mario so far can understand that the developers were unable to do a lot of tricks which made use of the depth of the screen. For example, when Wiggler or Bullet Bill fly towards you from a distance, if the developers try to incorporate the depth of the screen, you cannot tell if and when these characters hit you. But such tricks shall be available on Nintendo 3DS.

"We have tried many things, including when we made games on Virtual Boy. We have some ideas for a "Mario" game which has depth in the screen. So, for both 2D and 3D games, we are excited to be able to make new tricks on Nintendo 3DS."

The first 3D Zelda adventure to have been officially revealed is Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.