LittleBigPlanet 2: Is it worth the wait?

Things to make and do 2

LittleBigPlanet 2 has been delayed until next year. That's Christmas ruined then.

But on the evidence of our recent playtest it'll be well worth the wait.

This video is no longer available

The handful of levels available on the Beta version are brilliantly crafted adventures that double as calling cards for the even more impressive new create features.

As with the original game, our mind boggles at the imagination and skill at work here.

Our favourite among the new stages uses the new grappling hook toy. With a press of R1 Sackboy targets grabbable foam blocks and swings into action.

Better still, you can snag other players in co-op and reel 'em in. Cue New Super Mario Bros.-style mischief.

Another stage is set aboard an enormous space vessel complete with simple arcade games based on Pong and Breakout.

These are small throwaway details but ones that again demonstrate the versatility of the creation tools.

Put the bot in The level bolted onto this playground-like hub introduces Sackbots, cute little automatons that'll follow you everywhere you go - including electrified pits.

The little critters add a herding element and damnit if we don't find ourselves becoming a bit dewy-eyed when our actions lead to their untimely deaths.

Yet another new feature to pack into that new tool/toy box. Also worth a mention is the addition of yet more vehicles.

Our favourites were the gravity-defying Segways that helped us navigate a particularly fiendish maze.

This video is no longer available

They were such a hoot, in fact, that it prompted our co-op buddy to text speak the immortal line: "lol". That good.

As magical experience as the original then, and again it's one that will get better and better as more people make more levels.

Like we said: it'll be worth the wait...

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