UK Kinect launch - Pics

Kudo, skating and Leona Lewis at London event

Last night, Microsoft's Kinect officially arrived in the UK - with creative lead Kudo Tsunoda personally greeting fans at the Game Oxford Street launch event. And we've got loads of pics right here.

The evening started off with a civilised, family-friendly visit to the London Natural History Museum, where Leona Lewis and boy band The Wanted performed above a glowing ice rink as David Braben, Lionhead and Rare developers looked on.


The festivities really kicked off, however, when we got to the GAME Oxford Street launch - where the afternoon's loyal band of queuers had swelled to dozens of screaming fans.

Pizza was served, t-shirts were flung and Kudo himself turned up at around 10:30pm to act as generous host, chatting to anyone curious enough to extend a hand.

The night clearly held deep meaning for the Kinect lead, who was snapping his own personal photos and admiring the wall of game boxes all night long.

And when the clock struck 12 and the first in line took their ceremonial walk to the tills (the first to make a purchase was, yes, a girl) the Sunglasses-wearing designer was on side to shake the hands of everyone who'd turned up to pick up the 360 motion camera - and it seemed to come from the heart.


CVG joined the back of the line - along with Kudo, who was purchasing for a friend - to pick up our own Kinect box.

The night didn't carry quite the same electric atmosphere as a full console launch, but the fans who committed to a chilly twilight shopping trip left pleased.

However, it's those gamers who didn't turn up to the midnight launch Microsoft will have to convince - and as a first step Kinect's opening hour went as smoothly and well organised as possible.