MS: Kinect launch bigger than Xbox 360's

"It's the biggest thing we've ever done"

Kinect product boss Kudo Tsunoda has claimed that the launch of the motion device is a bigger deal for Microsoft than the release of Xbox 360.

Microsoft held a lavish UK launch party for Kinect last night in two locations; beginning at the Natural History Museum before transferring to GAME Oxford Street.


"This is as big a launch as any console launch we've ever done," said Tsunoda. "And the amount of events, the amount of people, pre-orders... all coming down for Kinect; it's the biggest thing than Xbox has ever done."

Check out our interview with Kudo, in which he says Microsoft are "very confident" about the technology's future, through here.

Kinect's launch software line-up includes Dance Central, Kinect Sports and Kinectimals. The motion sensor comes bundled with Kinect Adventures.