Call Of Duty: Black Ops cheats revealed

Unlock Dead Ops mini-game and much more besides

A host of cheats for Call Of Duty: Black Ops have been revealed online by players - and you can get 'em right here.

To gain access to the game's cheats, you first have ensure you're in the main menu screen - where you're strapped into a chair in a bloody T-shirt.


You then alternatively tap the trigger shoulder buttons on your pad of choice, around five times on each. This frees you from your chair.

From here, you can stroll over to a computer screen on the far right, at which point the game will offer you the chance to hold a button to interact.

If you do so, you gain access to Black Ops' Central Intelligence Data screen - or the cheat code screen in other words.

From here, you can unlock Zombie maps, Campaign mission extras and more. The most important codes are:

DOA - Unlocks top-down shooter Dead Ops

3ARC INTEL - Unlocks all in-game intel

3ARC UNLOCK - Unlocks all Zombie Mode maps

ZORK - Unlocks a retro text adventure

HELP - Shows what other command prompts are possible

[As with all cheats, early signs suggest these might affect your Trophies / Achievements etc.]

Plenty more cheats, hits and tips are included in the below user video - but feel free to let us know in the comments if anything's been missed...