Dead Rising 3: Capcom talks digital 'bridge'

Publisher considers future of hugely successful franchise

Capcom has told CVG that Dead Rising 3 is likely to directly continue the narrative of its hugely successful predecessor - and that another digital 'prologue' is all but guaranteed.

Capcom were handsomely rewarded by gamers for experimenting with Xbox 360-exclusive digital 'episodes' around the release of the excellent DR2 in September.


A 'prologue', Case Zero, introduced players to new hero Chuck Greene, whilst an 'epilogue', released after the main game, reintroduced original protagonist Frank West back into the fold.

The publisher has confirmed that Case Zero enjoyed over 500,000 downloads via Xbox Live.

Being careful not to confirm any story details, Capcom COO David Reeves told CVG that more digital releases are almost a dead cert - and will "bridge a link" between Case Zero and Dead Rising 3.

"Obviously, with all of that success on Dead Rising 2, it makes sense to move onto Dead Rising 3," said Reeves. "I think that they [developer Blue Castle Games] may extend it by bringing in new characters and new interactions, or bring back others from before.

"The idea would be that we'll bring digital content to bridge a link between DR2 and DR3. It's a bit like an online game in that way - a continuous story. I don't want to say episodic, but I think you'll be find there'll be scriptwriters coming in to [continue the story]."

In September, Capcom announced that it intended to acquire DR2 co-developer Blue Castle.

Look out for our full interview with former PlayStation boss David Reeves - in which the industry veteran casts an expert eye over the future of video games consoles - very soon.