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'Let me make Shenmue 3' - Yu Suzuki

Designer wants to make third game with "same volume as in the past"

Sega legend, Yu Suzuki says he wants to make Shenmue 3 - but he'll need serious investment to get it off the ground.

Speaking in an interview with Famitsu, Suzuki finally uttered the words we've all been waiting to hear:


"I want to make 3 with the same volume as in the past," he said. "There have actually been a lot of requests from fans for 3 as well. There were even petitions signed by by tens of thousands of people."

The issue, says Suzuki, is investment. "Shenmue has the image of grand scale," he said. "But making something of grand scale requires appropriate preparation."

To help fill all the weekdays he's spending not making Shenmue 3, Suzuki's currently working on Japanese mobile game Shenmue City.

The designer told Famitsu the game could include post-Shenmue II story elements, and it would even be possible to finish off the 16-chapter epic by chopping up the remaining narrative into one final 'highlights' game on console.

Whether or not that happens though seems to depend on the success of Shenmue City. Sega's gone on record that it'll never say never where a third game's concerned.

And if that's not enough to get Sega nostalgia heads going, Sonic creator Yuji Naka recently told us he wants to work on Dreamcast 2.