Kinect vs. Move: Which will win?

Debate: Where do you stand on the battle for motion control?

Both Sony and Microsoft's contributions to motion control are well and truly a part of the gaming universe.

Now, we're starting to get numbers through illustrating early impacts of both devices meaning we can start scrutinising with actual figures.

Sony's said that it's been pleased with the numbers Move has been doing since launch.

Sony confirmed in October that it'd already got through 2.5 million Moves, 1.5m in Europe and 1m in the US, within 30 days.


Kinect on the other hand has sold one million units in its first ten days.

Those are some pretty close figures for comparison between the two, but, which motion controller has seen the better launch and the bigger success early on in your mind?

Have you picked one over the other? Do you even care about either of them?