Ant and Dec in The Jungle, has something to do with Donkey Kong

I'm A Gorilla, Get Me Out Of Here

Bananas are readily available at Tesco. You can pick a bunch of them up for 50p.

So we're a little puzzled why Ant had to drag Dec around the jungle to grab some of the some curvy fruit.

The cheeky twosome go banana-hunting as part of a new Donkey Kong Country Returns ad, which you can see below. Just don't expect too much... erm, Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Nintendo should have come to us. We could have rolled a barrel down a hill, or walked down the street in a fetching red tie. King Kongers, us.

Ant and Dec, of course, are not only part of the general Nintendo campaign, they also front ITV's I'm a Celebrity. That's in a jungle. So is Donkey Kong. The penny drops.

Have a look at the (far more gamey) latest Donkey Kong Country Returns trailer for a much better example of why we're looking forward to it.

It's out for Wii on December 3 in the UK.