Kinect and Move 'like the Wii phenomenon' - GameStop

Boss think there'll be "customers following UPS trucks to our store"

GameStop president Tony Bartel has described the fervour growing around Kinect and Move among consumers as like "the Wii phenomenon".


Speaking during the company's third quarter earnings call, the exec said all signs point to the new motion control offerings having a storming Christmas.

"I see a very strong marketplace for this and I see the fervour that is beginning during the holiday season for the Kinect and Move is it's very, very strong. I see that - as we have the Wii phenomenon we had customers following UPS trucks to our store.

"I think you are going to have the exact same thing with new controllers and with the Kinect Bundle that goes out," he added (via Seeking Alpha). "I think you are going to have consumers following the UPS, UPS truck to our stores to pick up that product as soon as they can find it."

Bartel said the retailer is "very pleased" with its early Kinect sales, noting that the motion cam is attracting new customers to stores.

"We definitely do see new customers coming into our store and it is selling hardware as well, as you can see and then with the numbers with Xbox 360, an increase in October's NPD numbers.

"In terms of attaches, there's a very high attach rate. In fact when you look at the top attaching games, in Kinect's case where it is Kinect Sports as well as Dance Central, those are definitely the expanded audience type of games and those are attaching extremely well.

"So, we are not only excited with the sale of Kinect and with Move, both of which are going to be in short supply during the holiday season, but we like the fact that they are bringing expanded audience to games that are going out with both of those are attaching well and are expanding on these games."

[ SOURCE: Seeking Alpha ]