Gran Turismo 5 will take 50 minutes to install - report

Drags up to 10GB along with it, apparently

Gran Turismo 5 will take 50 minutes to install, according to a mysterious forum poster who always seems to have the low-down on the game.

In a GT5 megapost on the GTPlanet forums, Amir212, who apparently has the game, says that GT5 is quite a hefty package:


"The game's install takes about 40 minutes. You're warned that it might be closer to 50," says TheSixthAxis in a neat summary of all of Amar212's info.

"Amar's installation was done in ten minutes less than that, so it presumably depends a little on your model of PS3 and the hard drive you've got installed."

"The space taken is actually about 6.4GB, but that space gradually unpacks as you're playing to be closer to the previously mentioned 10GB."

"In short, better make some room before the game's release next week."

If you're looking for costs that aren't quite so big as the game itself, the best Gran Turismo 5 price we can find is right here.

[ SOURCE: TheSixthAxis ]