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iPad beats consoles on kids' most wanted list

Apple device the most desired technology product

The iPad is the most wanted technology product among US kids aged 6-12, according to research conducted by Nielsen.


31 per cent of participants said they were interested in buying an iPad in the next six months, versus just 12 per cent eyeing an Xbox 360.

Interest in buying in the next six months (%): Kids 6-12
iPad: 31 per cent
Computer: 29 per cent
iPod Touch: 29 per cent
DS: 25 per cent
PS3: 21 per cent
Smartphone (non-iPhone): 21 per cent
Other mobile: 21 per cent
iPhone: 20 per cent
TV set: 20 per cent
3DS: 20 per cent
Wii: 18 per cent
PS Move: 17 per cent
Blu-ray Player: 16 per cent
Kinect: 14 per cent
PSP: 14 per cent
Xbox 360: 12 per cent
E-Reader: 11 per cent

iPad was also among the most desired tech products for kids above the age of 13, ahead of traditional gaming platforms.

Interest in buying in the next six months (%): Ages 13+
Computer: 20 per cent
TV set: 19 per cent
Smartphone (non-iPhone): 19 per cent
iPad: 18 per cent
Blu-ray player: 17 per cent
E-reader: 15 per cent
Wii: 15 per cent
iPhone: 13 per cent
PS3: 13 per cent
iPod Touch: 11 per cent
Other mobile: 10 per cent
Xbox 360: per cent
PS Move: per cent
Kinect: 8 per cent
DS: 8 per cent
3DS: 6 per cent
PSP: 5 per cent

Nielsen's isn't the first most wanted list to see Apple products top games consoles.

October research by the NPD Group suggested that 15 per cent of consumers plan to give games or consoles as gifts this Christmas, down five per cent from last holiday.

[ SOURCE: Nielsen ]